Trotsky faces

let them all hang out!

their is definitly something wrong with you when the best description of your mood is this:



What does (8L and (8< mean?

Happy (8L
Gay (8<
Trot (8V)
Sad (8( )
Shocked (8| /)
David Letterman (8B
Jay Leno (8V /
Conan O’Brian 98V)
Nonplussed (8 )
Sucking a cock (8<====8
Deep throating a cock (8<=8
Eating a cock (8 ) ;=8
Making out with your clone (8<>8)


(8vv8) - Mitosis

le (8( )

Thread voted a billion.

Those better not be French smilies… I’d be pissed off if I was subjected to something French without my prior knowledge or consent.

(8W) - the face of failure

(8&) I have no fucking clue.

Thread voted 1,960,913, or the number of pounds Trotsky has gained in the past hour.

aaah you guys are great, I posted something and I got repliesszed, I feel al fuzzy inside

Are you implying that Trotsky has gained 1’960’913 pounds in the last hour? Oh my, that would make him a millionaire!

I would like to remind Trotsky how I’ve always been nice to him and have NEVER called him a fat homo. I’d also like to remind Trotsky that I’d like a Nissan Micra and they cost far less than a £1’960’913!

I wonder if Trotsky won the lottery or whether the money was gained by illicit means such as prostituting his body to middle-aged women or working for the mob. Maybe, just maybe, it was both at the same time… face outlet storeThis is a rare sport. When winter arrives, you have a chance to enter the snowy world, but if you live in the south rely on, have to run all the way north. So, if you have never played, is really not surprising at all. However you say it with the beauty of the winter schedule will be perhaps more of a - go skiing! north face outlet store Low temperature in the charm of sports north face outlet store Winter so that we are used to hide in the room. “I’m cold, many were wearing a sweater made me feel heavy, seems to be locking, and so only in warm nest room in order to want, such as still able to light foot on the floor.” Keen climbers face of Candy cold, and only the courage to go out from convergence. The effects of hypothermia are powerful, it is time we put into the house, but also let us terribly depressed. “One winter completely into the mummy, the head with the body will be a trance, ‘home’ time and then one long and droop down the entire people.” Mature single Sophie chills, even more afraid of a person, often in the mode of "winter depression . " Seasonal changes are conducive to health. Cold body to body slightly nervous, but also to promote the vitality of our functions, especially the respiratory and circulatory function. Depressed mood to change the most basic way is to activities, especially outdoor activities. What other activities than skiing more attractive at this time we can better meet our health and the pursuit of Happiness? Its charm is apparent at low temperature in order to “save” those of us who is about to surrender the “couch potato.” Ski invited us to come to the clear, dynamic and vibrant outdoor world. "Boarding Peak, high-altitude location, let me puff of air, deep breathing so calm mind very quickly, a rare and refreshing in such a space completely open-minded, sucked into his mouth, although the air is chilly taste, but a few After the cold makes their coexistence with a lot of confidence, and physical possession of the equipment is in warm years, not the slightest fear. “Sophie skiing at first, after a pleasant experience, excitedly talking about their own feelings and experience:” If Do you really cold, your input will be faster in the sport, not to silly alone, began to be able to experience how the body’s energy ignited quietly. you ski stick gently up and move forward cautiously, because a bit nervous, movement rate, but about two, the body a little bit of active warm up, which also cares about it being cold. " Skiing same loneliness led us to [url=]north face outlet store bid farewell to winter. Country in Europe and America, skiing has long been the choice of a vacation home. Melco China Resorts Chief Executive Officer, GUAN Zhi-ming in his 25 years of skiing experience, and always unforgettable love with his wife when jumping from a helicopter with snow alongside Road taxiway, as well as the 3-year-old daughter at the time, it took her playing in the snow Road. "Sharing is a great skiing fun. Wear the same clothing, taxiway at the same track, but each time left taxiway not the same trajectory, the direction of each arc there are differences, their own feelings also has different, so the foot of arrival, the U.S. can talk about it, enjoyable for the warmth in their hearts filled with this person than a ski with more enthusiasm. "