>: (

So the other day, I missed my bus. I was mad. And terrified, because I just couldn’t afford to miss anymore classes. So I took a taxi. I had a meeting with a teacher after class, and I was probably going to wait for a while, so I decided to bring along my game boy, which was in a convenient plastic bag with a few games.

You can probably guess where this is going. Somewhere along the way, probably on the taxi ride, I forgot my game boy and my games. Now I do not have them anymore. I love that game boy. I love those games. Assuming I can find a copy of all the games, (which I can’t, because one of them was River City Ransom EX), it’s going to cost around 400$ to replace evertything.

I am not even mad about this, I’m just terribly discouraged.

call the taxi company and see if the driver turned it into the lost & found. very little chanceof that happening I know, but it’s worth a try at least.

Fuck. ;(

Does your pal Seraviel have one? I recommend killing him and taking his.

I took it!

But really did you phone the taxi company yet?

I phoned them way before I posted this.

Maybe you could check your lost and found place at your college?

okay that sounds like a plan

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