So a while back a friend of mine gets me to start watching this Flash “series” as it could be called, right? All 32 (currently) episodes combined do not match ONE Taylon Flash. Anyway, I am watching these episodes, and the new season is kind of annoying. So I go to the cartoon’s Forum to post about this. Well I posted… and then I see another thread made by one of the cartoon creator’s friends, known as “Bup”.

Now this Bup is a jackass. But for some reason, all of the little 13 year-olds (there are only 13 year-olds on this forum, it seems) love this person. They will do anything he says, and agree with everything he thinks. He is the humor god to them. Well, I made a couple posts in his thread that were in all caps and involved me saying such things as “OMFG GET OWT OF MY THREAD NOOBZ.” Now it was obvious that this was just me joking around. I thought it was funny. But then this Bup comes in and says “You’re just not very funny. Sorry :” Now that made me very angry. But instead of getting angry and forming an online riot of 13 year-olds, I decided to play it safe, say “I AM SORRY??”, and be done. He said “ok” and I thought it was over. Until some other guy (who thinks he is awesome… yet he is another jackass) says “Bup, why are you apologizing? He sucks, and I’m NOT sorry.” Well, that was uncalled for in my opinion. So I called him a “flame-sac.”

Afterwards random people began to yell at me. People seemed ‘at their last straw’ with me, though I’ve never talked to them. It was as if Bup’s disapproval of me caused everyone to instantly agree and hate me. Bup created a thread called “Petition to ban SimonJapan” (I am SimonJapan), and everyone was “signing” it: admins, children, people I’ve never heard of, people who’ve never talked to me, etc. One guy just says to me “you’re not funny” for no reason.

So basically what I’m saying here is that people really suck, and Taylon reigns supreme. This is the lesson learned.

BTW: :barf:

That’ll teach you to try and interact with other people.

It’s so true…

But look at the bright side: at least you’re not one of them.




Actually don’t sign because SJX is a neat guy and his hippo signature makes me giggle like a Fillipino Boygirl.

Thats It Smee.

     I'm Currently Arranging An Online Riot Group You Are Going To Be Sorry!!!!!
   Trotsky is right though you seem to be a better poster than those immature jerks and are probally better off without them.
    (Woah I typed this in  all cap's and it converted it all. I am suddenly appeased!)

Hey fellas I also hate drama. It seems to be going around quite a bit right now, like an infectious disease in a population of… uh… people who already have the disease.

Fuck. Someone please give the metaphor CPR. It is very precious to me.
Also please make that personification not hate me.
And that one, too.

I hear that if you put “mug” in the place of a metaphor that makes no sense, it will suddenly make sense. Watch:

‘[Drama] seems to be going around like a mug.’


Your wisdom is like that of mugs!

Can we substitute “saucer” for “simile”?

Didn’t you know? Nobody likes Taylon.

Now you know, and knowing is h<img src=“romsus.com”>


Holey Moley thats awesome KBV!