Today is Trot_to_Trotsky day!

Happy birthday, Fatty McFattington!

Yea Yea happy birthday I guess…

I hope Arbys give him a party hat.

Oh no he’s gonna be sick

Come Friday, I most certainly will be sick. And will be in need of help, due to the sickness.

But tonight, I’ll simply be pleasantly drunk on Sake and Sapporo as we hit up the Japanese steakhouse, for greatest victory.


You like Japanese food, eh?

Squall notes that Trot has the same birthday that his sister and brother do.

Friday is going to be pure insanity. Once you’re drunk enough, I will order you some Arby’s, and you will eat the Arby’s.

I’ll take pictures of the resulting explosion.

Reminds this one of the Super Mario World 2 commercial that grossed him out long ago, where the guys guts splattered over the other restaurant patrons…

Who doesn’t? It’s darn good stuff.

Ramen is the best if you’re unbelievably lazy.

Which we all are.


Sake: darn good.

Who is Trot To Tr

The half-brother he has that no one knows about, not even him.

Not all of us.