To the beef of the meditative persuasion

Here’s the comic. It seems very Taylon-esque to me. Possibility of hand-drawn, colored comics in the future… Or not. Either one.

<A HREF=“”>First</A>
<A HREF=“”>Second</A>
<A HREF=“”>Third</A>
<A HREF=“”>Fourth</A>
<A HREF=“”>Fifth</A>
<A HREF=“”>Sixth</A>

It’s the next best thing to Mr. Stick, which is good because Romsus does not want to share Mr. Stick. Excellent!

As this actually seems to have been made, as opposed to the TAYLON MOVIE. This person wins more than Romsus.

Also he lives in Indiana.

Also he goes to Ball State University.


That means he is also probably gay and fat and hates arby’s.


Arrrrgh! My clever ruse!

Also…did that have something to do with furries?

Why must you hate on my big brother (not SJX)?

I am sad at you.

I am not fat or gay, and I also like Arby’s… Is this against the system? Ops…

Except I do not go to Ball State, but instead a high school (that is supposedly hard to get into and crap) that is part of the Ball State school thingy… So they give me BSU server space, etc.


Hm. I want to say “Well it ain’t no Taylon the Sprite!”, but it’s really too different to compare, so instead I will say “Yay, vague anti-american sentiment coupled with stick figures”.


<A HREF=“”>Seventh</A>


Taylon has been shamed into obscurity. At least this one updates.

<A HREF=“”>Eighth… It’s extra special</A>

Holy… Pip, he took your brother’s shtick!

sued for copyright infringement


<A HREF=“”>*****</A>

Oh man that was awesome.

It was. It was.

SJX has proven himself to be a worthy human being.

Good for him.

Yays and thankses to people.