Tips for everyday life

When you’re installing windows XP on a laptop with no bootable CD drive, the easiest way to not waste 6+ hours doing stupid crap that won’t work is as follows:

1)get a dos boot disk with USB CD-ROM drive support
2)use fdisk to make a partition for your OS and a 2 GB one for Windows install files
3)format the 2GB partiton in fat or fat32
4)copy the windows install files from the CD to the smaller partiton (D: in my case)
5)run winnt.exe from within the i386 folder on D:
6)install windows onto the unformatted partition you made earlier (should be C:)

Next week I’ll have some useful tips on how to keep your new centerpiece fresher for longer. No dinner party is complete without one.

That is good advice!

Turns out that advice doesn’t work if your computer is haunted and/or a physical manifestation of pure evil. Windows XP didn’t want to install on my laptop through DOS, so I had to install windows 2000 on a second partition and then install XP on the first partition from within 2000. I was very close to a holy water bath, though I’m not sure that it’d help me install windows.

I thought XP didn’t have DOS?

Anyway a holy water bath couldn’t have hurt!

Laptop problems suck though, earlier this year my one kept shutting down before I could choose a mode to load, but l got an auto installing xp disk from someone at something awful which worked so I just had to leave it and an hour later it had installed xp, firefox, adaware, winamp, div x codecs, the latest windows updates and stuff like that as well as the hardware!

XP is so much better than 95 when it works. :slight_smile:

I am so lazy with my computer now that I probally wouldn’t have been able to work it out like you!

Are computers without bootable CD drives even… uh, useable? How old is that thing?

I thought the same thing but figured if it runs XP it can’t be that old.

It’s one of those tiny thin and light laptops that don’t have built-in optical drives. I don’t have the external CD cable, so I’m just using a USB DVD drive. Unfortunately, the BIOS doesn’t have an option to boot to USB device. It’s a 4 year old laptop, so it’s still plenty useable for anything but games.

You can play some olde games like civ 2 and heros of might and magic 3 and stuff.

All you need is starcraft, am i right?

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