Time 2 ley teh hamerr down

wel o.k.ay, i c how it is. i nead 2 start taklign in my sofistikated langwuj agin to git u peeplz 2 make me a sekund taylon moviee. luk, i nead my taylon moviee. it is importnat 2 my life strukture. i thikn the besst idea wuld b 2 git this moviee finishd b 4 i xplode lotts. U DON WAN 2 SEA ME XPLODIGN LOTTS!!4!@!

trust me.

o an hey, i like how u hav onlee made 2 new taylon comicz only i do’nt reely like taht, i was usign sarkasm. but if u r usign all ur time 2 make teh preshis sekund taylon moviee, i wil not mind the few taylon comicz.

ok i m dun rantign lmaolololmalolaz.

:fly2: <— lmao at tihs guy.

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I do!


u r jokeing, rite?


stop talking like that

He is 100% right about the taylon movie.


What the fuck is this horseshit?

it is a cry 4 teh sekund taylon moviee imo, lmao.

:duel: <---- omg dooling smileys lolololmao

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Yeah Roms, where is that second Taylon movie? I finished my voices years ago…and still: NOTHING!

You don’t do anything! You said yourself: you wake up, you go to work. YOU ONLY WORK 20 HOURS A WEEK!!! Where is the damn movie??



hey um if teh sekund taylon moviee doez not make me sett on fire frum pyur joy, tehn may b sum heds wil roll, lmaololz

but seriusly, i luv my taylons. pleese fulfil my need 4 taylons soon.

:monoke: <— wtf? lmao, i gues

He will continue talking like this untill Roms releases the 2nd flash movie and/or he is dead. I say Roms facilitates both of those needs.

i agrea, xcept i wuld like 2 sea teh sekund taylon moviee b4 i m ded.

I think it’s safe to say that will not be happening.

Oh Romsus, you thick steaming pile of wit. I have been behumored. Verily.