Thousand Oaks Lan Party - June 11, 2004

I’ll be having a lan party june 11, 2004, so if you’re available for this date (i know 10000000000 of the users here are in this area) pm me and join up.

I really just started this so i could hold a poll, but if any forumers would like to come, pm me as i said.

It’ll go from 6pm Friday till 6pm Saturday (or whenever) there is a net connection. Please have the following games installed: (or show up early to get them off the server and patch them)

[]Quake 3 Arena - Bid For Power/Rocket Arena Mods and DM
]Battlefield 1942 w/ desert combat
[]Warcraft III w/ w/o frozen throne
[/list]Any other games you’d like to play you’re welcome to, just be sure to bring some cds and patches for others.

If ANYONE has any chairs or tables, please pm me in case we need them. I have a truck so it won’t be that much trouble to pick them up before and get them setup.

Also, Bring the following:

[]Computer and Monitor
[]Keyboards and Mice
]Some network cable (25 ft should be good)
[]Joysticks/controllers if you want.
]Power Strip (or you can share them with a friend)
[*]Anything else you need to game.
[/list] Please vote in the poll and add replies for food and drinks you’d like me to get, i have a budget of about $40 so i should be able to get snacks and stuff. Vote.

Also, bring some cash for starbucks runs and pizza, feel free to bring some alcohol, but don’t drink too much, i don’t wanna clean up your barf. Bring your own food and drinks if you’d like.