This weekend, at!

It looks like the site is a mere 48 hours or so from returning to its former…crappy glory.

In order to celebrate (inspired by KBV’s ultimate greatness), I’m declaring this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday): HIPPO TIME on the Romshand forums.

What does this mean? 72 hours of pure hippo appreciation…that’s what it means. Go ahead and change your sig or avatar for the weekend, let down your hair!! No one knows what wackiness is going to occur when hippos is around!!!

The forums will be transformed into various Hippo stomping grounds where we can collect and talk about HIPPOS!!! So every post should either be about hippos, or feature an image of a hippo…to please the masses…WHO LOVE HIPPOS!

I can tell you’re all excited as I am. That’s why I’ve given you 2 days to prepare for this feast of the senses.


It’s like hippos is channeling the spirit of Kurt Cobain… with a goatee.

How about in addition to the fun that is hippos, Roms actually finishes the Taylon Flash thats been pending for around 17 weeks now??

with droo (patent pending)

<a href=“” target=_blank>Uh oh</a> could not be found. AMAZING

You mean the that works just fine???

Yay I mean…

Oh, the hippo extravaganza is closing in, I am so excited! :bouncing2

Apparently only works in some areas.


I love hippos lots and lots!!!

It appears to be working for me now.

Who is still getting a page does not exist error?

I am not.

That game was noisy.


it’s true
how do you think i learned of the hippos


On the planet Arakis…there are Hippos. You must mine the Hippos.

The Hippos must flow.

I have that game! Those hippos sure are hungry.


Why did Trotsky replace my post with broken image links?

Oh yeah, hippos and such.