This forum is the GREATEST piece of PIE

I say this because it is true. I know, all of you are going to say “why not go elswhere then”?
My answer is simple, because I hate all of you lil dog fucking pussy ass bitches so much that I have to bring myself into your itty bitty lives from time to time just to remind you that I am oh so better than you.

Pipian: fucks his own mother on christmas eve. (sick man, sick)

Smee: Tags Pipian while this is going on.

Chembot: Male? Female? you decide. I’m betting on male (but a very weak skinny bish of a male at that.)

PSX Dude: The lamest of the lame, probably created half the users on this forum himself to make everyone think that there were posters here.

Rav: Cross dressing English chap from across the way. He spends all his time imagining how he can exhume Princess Di’s body and skull fuck it.

Trotsky: Never had an issue with Trot, if i had a say, which i DO, I’d say Trot is the most level headed one in this group.

Gil: Gil is ass raped by the Romshand crew at home, on his mother and fathers bed, this occurs daily.

Romshand: Assraper of Gil, father of gils morning shit laced with Cum.

^Dragon^: Lil 16 year old wanna be that conformed to the status quo around here just so he’d have a place to call home. Probably fucks his sister nightly but we don’t have proof of that yet.

Every one else? You all lick my sack or want to. That is about the end of the story of PSX. May it crumble and die like any piece of shit forum.

BTW, my name is Matt aka Morpheus aka the one you all want to be.

I hope to god that this thread will be saved forever.

I have seriously been laughing now for the past 3 minutes.

omfg lol @U hahaahhahahaha

j00 5|_|xx0|` l!|<3 Kenny G


Even Trot will tell you that’s not true. Also, this just in: you’re silly. I laugh at you out of humble respect, oh king of kings.

Ay young danialsan. I have had words with Trot in the past. I have not a problem with him now.
What I find interesting is in a birthday thread to Bethie, Pipian describes having a relationshit with her. From what I remember way back when is Pip ol chap was hot on the drippings of Gin. Looks like he went for lil sis when he couldn’t get at big sis eh? PSX Dude snaked Gin right out from under pipians hot lil hands. Ohwell, hopefully they practiced safe sex and we aren’t going to be subjected to any lil pipians trying to cross the Canadian border back into the US. Would have to shoot those terrorist fucks if they did try though.

WHAT??? I’ve always hated you assholes! You’re the biggest bunch of midle-aged morons I’ve ever come accross. Instead of functioning like rational human beings, and being good father, husbands, whatever…you spread your idiotic pestilence into an internet forum, by heckling people 20 years younger than you…BECAUSE YOU’RE SO FUCKING STRANGE!!!

Also, Leon is a pedophile. And should have his kids taken away. That is all.

Well, Danielsan that worked have been funny had it been Teh loen. But Tis I Data, your best friend in the whole world. :cursing:

I said assholes…meaning plural…meaning I hate you both.

And Leon is still a pedophile.

Does this mean no X-mas card this year? :shocked:

So you’re going to shoot small children because of who their father is? Goes to show a bit about your character, doesn’t it?

What is funny is Trot seems to think I am what ‘40?’ not so you lil michael jackson follower. I am younger than your dumb ass. Now shouldn’t you be back over to Neverland Ranch for bed time Trot?

Read some of your posts from the past, and you call me strange?

these children are hypothetical idiot

and children grow up like the parent so yea. If i see the crazee look in their eye if and WHEN they are born and old enough to try to jump the border, i’d shoot em


Sweet trot. Glad they wised up and canned ur ass

Hehe. Can’t even use tags right…

Also: i find it amusing that he chooses to linger on the Gin/Beth issue? I got over that long ago. I met her twice, and that was it. We didn’t meet again, and we ain’t gonna cuz I’ve not talked to her for a month and I don’t plan on starting any time soon.

You’re younger than me?

How is 30 younger than 21?


On tags, i’m eating so fuck you pip
On gin and bethie I just barely saw the post on YOUR lame forum and decided to follow up on it.

And if i remember the Gin issue, there was much crying and whining and threatening to leave by you over that shit. You got almost childlike in your posts back then for a while. So yea. hearing you dated lil sis cos you couln’t nail bigsis is a funny all in itself

oooo i hardly think you are still 21 you wishful thinker