There's an evil monkey in my closet

There’s an evil monkey in my closet.


Stop The evil monkies in your closests worldwide today ! try TOOOON CANDY JawBreakers!

What has that got to do with evil monkies?

Its in my closet ! MAKE THE EVIL MONKEY GO AWAY ! @_@

crazy-fool, we’ve been over this. There is no evil monkey.

what if it’s one of those monkeys from… 28 DAYS LATER!!!

Dr. Zeius Dr. Zeius

Yep, that’s the monkey.

Evil Monkey Scares Ed!!! Run Away ! Run Away !!

can it juggle and/or ride a unicycle?

It plucks the wings off poor flies ! Run awaaaay !


I’m the monkey.

OMG ! T3|-| 3V1L //\0||3y |-|@5 Grabbed Taylon and replaced him with some evil corrupt MS Sponored Ver. of Taylon.

But there are the rabid fascist monkeys…

Like you!

Horray for Squall!


No, I’m the ANARCHIST monkey, Rav. But many thanks for the sentiment.

i’ve found that if you just kill the monkey, that would help the sit out a lot. but then, you’d have monkey so that the police don’t use the corpse as evidence to arrest you for animal cruelty.

i’ve found that stir friend evil monkey goes nice with a bit of peanut sauce and rice. and you can either chill the brain for two hours and eat it raw, or hook it up to a machine which will harness the evilness of the monkey, giving you enough power to take over the world…