There is no Hope left

Yep, Bob Hope died. He was old.

May he rest in piece and play golf with Chubby up in heaven.

You mean Chubs from Happy Gilmore?

I hope so.

The rest of this week will be filled with people under 50 trying vainly to pretend that Bob Hope was actually a funny guy, and not just some jerk mid-century entertainer who lost his edge 40+ years ago.

“They should call him Saddam INsane, am I right?”

Hahahaha, that’s so funny when you imagine Bob Hope saying it…

/me shakes head and walks off.
no respect for the dead.

Being dead doesn’t grant you respect if you had none before. Why do you think everyone hates suicidees?


Edward, who’s crotch is that in your avatar?

Whose, Mr. Spelling. And it is mine.

That is a might fine crotch you have.

Why it happens to be Gwen Stefani’s crotch.

Her band sucks now, I used to like it but I’m sure thats not the case for any of you.

Whose who?

No Doubt

No doubt about what?

No Doubt that the bands name is No Doubt

I was actually adressing KBVirtuoso.