THEEEEE Ohio State to Mo Cleetus: Say it ain't so, brah!

So Maurice Clarrett (as we like to call him here in the good state: Mo Cleetus) was barred from OSU football for the entire year, because, thanks to some sketchy logic on the part of the Athletic Director Andy Geiger, he violated two NCAA violations that each require suspensions of 50% of the season.

What Geiger doesn’t seem to understand is that Mo Cleetus violated these two NCAA rules 16 times (to the tune of thousands of dollars). Yes, that’s right. 16 times. A reporter at today’s press conference threw this in Geiger’s face (not an actual transcript, but close enough):

Reporter: “So how did you come upon a year for his suspension?”

Geiger: “Did I not make myself clear?”

R: “I guess not.”

G: “I said 50% of the year for one violation, 50% for the other violation. What do you get when you put 50 and 50 together?”

R: “Right, but there were 16 seperate violations…so shouldn’t he be suspended for 8 years?”

G: “I made myself clear. Next.”

Hahahahhahahahahha! Oh Mr. Geiger, you are a stitch.

Besides the 1 year University suspension, Clarrett has to resume class, improve his GPA, improve his moral fiber, and pay back all the money he got to a charity of his choice. Pigs have a better chance of firing out of my rectum at high speeds.

And OSU is falling back on the very thing that they harped on Michigan for in the past few years: denying knowledge of anything ever happening.

They’re really backpeddaling, trying to cover up, and trying to keep the NCAA out of looking in to how OSU runs its football program. While I wish this would happen to a team like Miami or Florida State (it won’t, too much money at stake), I can see this blowing up in OSU’s face.

Really, there’s two ranges of possibilities for OSU here:

  1. Mo Cleetus never touches a football for the Buckeyes (and maybe anyone else) again. This is almost a certainty. He won’t play this year, he probably won’t stay at OSU (gasp, he’s not a serious student), so he won’t play next year either. He’s not going to be a big draft come the year after because of his size (waaaay too small), and his injury problems (waaaay too big).

  2. Everything in #1, plus OSU gets investigated by the NCAA (they already have some dirt on Tressel from Youngstown State where he had some shady pseudo-violations trying to run that program) and they get slapped with some hot hot probation action. This isn’t such a good thing, especially for Big-10 football, because then THE rivalry is moved to Michigan - Wisconsin; and OSU is left to fight Purdue and MSU for mediocrity rights in the conference.

How do I know they’d get hit up with some stinky probation? They’re a powerhouse football team, dawg! I guarantee that every powerhouse football team in this nation has its own skeletons, problems, and violations that would land it with some stiff penalties. Sometimes, they just get caught sticking their dicks where they don’t belong.

Too bad Mo Cleetus had to stick his dick into himself and his unversity, but them’s the breaks. As a coach and an AD, you’ve got to keep track of crazy ass Freshmen like this, and keep them grounded.

All around: OSU failed as a program.


What did Mr. Cletus do?

Mo took money and benefits from boosters and other such unsightly influences.

Haha, OSU sucks. Time to go back to your AIDS majors, kids!