The thread to end all threads. Ever. (t)

Oh shit I meant (nt)

Wait, fuck.

I lose :frowning:

seems to be.

Well I personally like this thread, I mean, I dont get FLAMED AND TROLLED like I do at other places. :mad:

I would reply to this thread but my post has to be (nt).

The moment anyone reads your post including a random spewing on “I Like Cherry Cola” mixed in with supposed talk about Dawn of War, they can actually get a clue on who’s the one trolling.

I find it funny, though…for a bunch of avowed Communists (or at the least Socialists), many have tried to make fun of a place that is basically half-run by someone who’s always had the ideal that “what’s okay for the In(Crowd) should be okay for the Out as well.” Isn’t that what V.I. Lenin and the boys wanted, against the high and mighty (and aristocratic, which = elite) Tsars? I don’t agree with those who’ve claimed that all Romshand posters shouldn’t be JP…but I can understand their being fed up with the shit.

Ponders whether he should begin decade-long attack on the hypocrisy of this places’ avowed socialists, then decides to let them decide which course is followed, if they catch his drift.

Hey jerkface…the thread says (nt).


Hey guys this Rufus Wainwright album is great am i rite?

Also Roms leads a strange life.

Hey, socialist poser, power to the masses. That means ANYONE! (nt)

The Squall

Hey guys <---- (t)


no tits, eh

I just realized I can’t read this thread because it’s not in Canadian. (nc)

This thread is now about the hypocrisy of this place’s avowed socialists.


The Romsus

I am a hypocrit. Even though I’m not a socialist.


The Fat One

I talk a lot about how I like workers, poor people and other non-Americans, but whenever I see them I really spit in their faces and then kick them in their faces.

The High Pressure System

OKAY LETS GET ONE THING CLEAR HERE I am a big fan of cherry coke(nt) and it is a subject very dear to my heart and the way you are distorting my post I find frankly distressing.

But that is not the topic at hand and I would like to say that I am also a big fan of equal rights in every meaning of the sense for every single person but some people are just more equal than others THAT’S ALL IM SAYIN’!

The Cherry Coke Fan


Salmon are people/fish too, you know.

Fuck, I mean (nt)



where’s my Taylon?

Hooray, I am going to steal this and make it my signature for ever and ever.

Please do not tell the internet police about this plagarism, because I don’t want to go in the internet jail.

TOO LATE!!! It’s off to Internet Penitentiary with you now! Say hi to your internet cellmates while they internet rape you!



no complaining about rape