The thread that just won't die


Gee, what angst.


WHERE IS THE DANCING? Stan is unpleased.


<img alt=“The dancing is here.” src=“”>



Sorry, but I know not how to dance…

though I can do a mean skank if it is required…


I can also eat small kittens.


What ? No hot dogs?


Thats just CRUEL!


Thats just <i>CRUEL</i>.


Hey !!! I said I wanted that with chili ! and a side of chili fries ! :cursing:


Actually… it’s SHINEY. Like shiney drivers licenses hehe. (got mine today)


Uh oh, remind me not to drive on the sidewalks today …


Don’t drive on the sidewalks today.



I wonder where a lot of these posters went to…

Well apart from y’know leon and the rest of that banned crew.




They all died.

I killed them. They got out of line. They know their place now.

Their place just happens to be in the ground.


Correction: their place just happens to be in my estate house’s west gallery.

It’s a little hobby of mine.


Attention You-Know-Who-You-Ares: I now post at, my friend’s place. This site forum became f*cking communist, and I got enraged at it, so I only rarely post here now. Those who are looking at this post like I’ve completely lost it or something, it was never meant for you to begin with, so pay it no mind.

Squalleus Maximus




Wow, it tells me it is a certain person’s birthday so without further ado:

I hope you like it I think it is the greatest gift I have ever given and a lot of effort has been put into it, so enjoy!