The thread that just won't die


I like boobs!


I’d like boobs more without the discolored nipples. DAMN YOU, JAPAN!


I like nipples too.


@_@ … whats all this talk about breasts? Next thing you RB and Oblivion will post pics of themselves wearing Playtex on thier heads…


We will post ecchi pics :stuck_out_tongue:


Not if you Value YOUR Membership. I had my dang Moderator Postion Taken because of that REMEMBER??? But please go riiiight ahead…

Not for the squeemish:

Monika Lewinsky was at a recent dinner party wearing a highly
extravagant rented evening gown – floor-length, ruffles, the whole nine
yards of velvet. Over the course of the evening she managed to spill a
bit of the carbonara sauce on the dress. Horrified, the very next
morning she rushed to her local cleaners to see if they could clean up
the stain before the gown was due back at the rental shop. She burst
in, babbling something about expensive fabric and rich italian food, at
which the old lady behind the counter gave a puzzled smile and said,
“come again?”


But that was a hentai picture, and the other picture that someone linked from i think it was… (the picture of that penis :P).
It will be pictures like ones in the Hot Anime Girls thread :stuck_out_tongue:


ok can’t say I didn’t say anything


Hey guys this is a pretty long threaOH GODS MY FACE IS ON FIRE AND ALSO ABLAZE GAAHHHHHHH!

So yeah, fire.


Hurray! Fire! On Roms’ face!


Rest is for the weak and with out evil good will win and all will be right with the world, LONG LIVE THE EASTER BUNNY. All is right with the world.




wow jeez… … thanks to the idiots that killed this thead… really… :disgust: my poor child, i’ve tried to nuture you and treat you right… but now look at what you’ve become… sniffle … bastards… completely unforgivable… no not romsus, romsus is cool and so is fire… everyone else it not.

and no, i’m not back either.




I hate Romsus.

…oh wai




I hope not… I hope he isn’t back like he claims.


I second that.


Oh, whoops, that was Stan. Stan has come for you. Stan requests you boogie.
Down, if at all possible.


AFI is a really good band.