The Spotts rides alone... no longer

That’s right, folks. For anybody who cares, Fraser’s most availible bachelor is no longer availible. Or a bachelor.

Andre “The Giant” Spotts is engaged. To Jennifer Petrone. The red-headed former Fraser Singer, and former student teacher.

She was student teaching under Spotts.

Andre will be missed by all who loved him, a list limited to Steve Karrer. He will be remembered for his love of medieval weaponry, history, and the ladies. To me, he will always be the man who was formally acquainted with Djibouti. One may even be so bold to say that he loved Djibouti: even though he had only entered Djibouti once, you could look into his eyes and know his mind was eternally focused on Djibouti.

Here’s to Andre Spotts, ???-2005.

Who or what the fuck are you on about, foolflop?

Don’t forget Warhammer.

I bet Spotts gave her high marks in oral presentation.

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This is the red headed former fraser singer/student teacher. You are definitely right when you say the Spotts rides alone no longer, and I couldn’t be any happier. :slight_smile:

Give our best to Spotts, the greatest teacher Fraser High School has ever known.

I sure will. :goofy:

And just curious, how long after student teaching did you guys start going out? I mean, I always knew Spotts was a verile man of true strength and manly prowess, but he’s also a professional!

I also call dibs on his job if he dies, and I’m his favorite, so that’s all there is to it…

Mr. Trot,
I did wait until after she had finished student teaching!!! You correctly pointed out that I am a professional (at least when it comes to my job)and I would have never asked someone out who was in a position that was not professionally or socially equal to my own. By the way thanks to all your well wishing and “interesting” comments on this site, I have gotten a number of laughs reading them. Also if you and some of the guys are interested in doing a little Napoleonic gaming over Christmas this year let me know so I can arrange it.

The Internet has just become about 12 million times cooler!

And I am way interested in any sort of anything you’ve got planned or are going to plan, Spotts!

If it is done with Electric Six blaring in the background then I will declare it the greatest day ever.

Also: [size=5]SPOTTS[/size]

You Must Obey The Dance Commander.

Any day with Electric Six blaring in the background is the greatest day ever.

I suppose as you get older you lose touch with things and so trying to figure out who Electric Six is has me a bit perplexed. Obviously a group of some kind, but am I going to be scared when I hear the music???

Not if you rock!

And one thing in this universe I know: Spotts rocks!

(they’re the greatest band on earth, and they’re from Ann Arbor)

If you like music, you will like Electric Six.

… GAY BAR!!! WOo!!!

Fire in the disco, fire in the taco bell!

Mr. President, I don’t like you, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO ROCK.