The psx-dude forums sure ARE COOL

Actually, they’re awesome, but everyone should come to my forums instead. Lookie:

I just set up my new server box the other day and it’s still in testing mode. Feel free to test stuff out and make sure it all works correctly. I’ll see about implimenting a mod that lets you attach files soon(ish). Also, feedback on stuff like the styles and features you’d like to see would be helpful.

EDIT: Edited the URL

that’s so very kind, and you’re an administrator for these forums?

Donatello, why must you hate?

Anyway, I tried to register and it told me

General Error

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 246
File : C:\HTTP\forum\includes\emailer.php
On the plus side, it actually registered me, so I guess that’s OK.

sadly, the world doesn’t need another forum. it seems there are more forums than posters.

ChemBot had forums before, but then they went away, so it really doesn’t count as “another”.

Truth, Vaska Pirate. But I have my own as well, but none of you guys would care about that so … bah nevermind lol…

my forums are pretty darn good, they just need more… people.

Lord knows how many I brought…

hahaha, psx changed my thread’s title… oh well. Really, these forums are great though, especially with the [H]ardforums theme…

yea i did, cuz i’m funny.

Hey Sas, when are your forums going to exist again?

Hahahaha, you fool. Quality over quantity. Would you want a forum full of me(s)?

They do. That’s what this whole thread is about…


Sas forgot to tell you that the URL is now:

Oh yeah, forgot about that… Check out the new Dark theme as well to better match my website theme. Also, my website can be found at and the oekaki is back as well.

Hey, nice thread here, with the wrong URL and all. Top notch work and quality.

why are you posting this 20 minutes after I fixed the URL?


It is never too late to mock and generally piss off someone.