The Postal Service

My girlfriend made my listen to this when we were driving to the beach, and i’m hooked, they’re music rocks. Has anyone else checked it out or avid fans?

Download some.

-The District Sleeps Alone tonight, after all the bars turn out their lights.

what be they?

They’re some interesting techno stuff, cddb classifies them as SynthPop. They’re also from seattle.

SEATTLE YAY! I will now check them out.

That’s really fucking strange.

I just bought their CD today and was about to post a thread about it here.

It’s fucking awesome, and this CD is fast becoming the best thing I’ve ever heard…ever.

So much goodness in my headphones right now. GRAAAH! Sleeping In is such a great, great, great song.

And the band where one of the two guys in this band came from isn’t even that great (Death Cab for Cutie). Oh the paradoxes of this awesome band.


Oh well.

Wow… this is simply amazing. Such Great Heights and Brand New Colony are VERY good songs. Yay now I get to tell all my friends about them and look all cool. (I might mention you PSX)

I didn’t say they were horrible. I just said they weren’t that great.

Which is true, because The Postal Service is about 5 bazillion times better.

I am aware of the dearth of greatness. I am also aware that I must find The Postal Service and listen.