The perfect government

Over the next few years I’m going to do a write up on “The perfect government”

If any one is wants to rant about how current laws in their country are handled, please do so and add what you think should be done to change how it currently is.

People are allowed to disagree with me. This should be corrected with a law making it a capital offense to hold a view different from mine.

I figured somthign like this would popup, just figured the pot one would come before it… perhaps I’m off my game…

anyway, I still have faith in a few of you – enlighten me.

I have no idea what you expect to find in this thread. This is not a place where political geniuses are abundant. Maybe if LPFabulous ventures this far north he’ll have a few sage words, but otherwise I’m not foreseeing much besides an escalating argument over some issue or other. Or, best case, Trot could come up and make some funnies.

The government that is perfect is one that respects individualism.

No such government exists.

I agree, this thread was created more along the lines of if any one has a beef with the way any of the current laws in their country work… how they feel that they could be changed to better suit everyone.