The Napkin: it is revisited

So Detritus is going to kill me, but you remember that bar napkin he mentioned and then yelled at me because I couldn’t scan it? I kind of lost it, and by lost it I mean some intrusive person in my home stole it and threw it away. I had just got my scanner working, too. Anyway, I will try to recreate the bar napkin of power’s contents as best I can.

[size=4]Jeez-its![/size] brand communion wafers: “Your savory savior!”[size=1]TM[/size]

Fun, bite-sized bits of Christ in five sacrilicious flavors:
·Original Body
·Nacho Cheese
·Extra Flesh
·The fourth flavor which I cannot remember
·Pepperoni Pizza

And if you like Jeez-its!, you’re sure to love our other exciting products!

There was some product here. If Detritus looks at this, he can help me try to fill in these two gaps.

Methodist Party Jello

Messianic Lite microbrew

Heres something I find amusing:

Front of TShirt says “There are two people fucking on the back of my shirt”

Back of TShirt says “Just kidding, Believe in Jesus” with a comical picture of him smiling and laughing

Now let’s see if I can coax Detritus into sharing his new religion with you all.

This is so funny, I laughed for hours!