The most important historical finds ever

Thanks to recent historical unearthings in the historic city of Baghdad, various holy tapistries have been uncovered, and are now prepared for public viewing. They appear to be from the Middle Ages, carried to the Muslim lands by crusaders from far away. Truly, they speak a truth that few are willing to admit.


It’s amazing how wonderfully prudent, correct, and timely they are.

(Help unearth more wonders:

It’s incredible how modern these people’s problems truly were!


This shows there really only is one story that gets told repeatedly:

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No matter what the time period, it appears the following is true…

The inspiration becomes all too clear now:

(also: greatest thread ever)

Perhaps inspired by the teachings of the Kama Sutra?

This was found with a sandskrit tablet reading simply: O rly?

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Dear God,

The world has succeeded. You may now rest.

Hold! Yonder sir did knoweth my place of camp!

Let me tell you a timeless story about a man.

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