The Matrix -=Revolutions=-

Now should this be called Revolutions or should it have been called Revelations?
Now that the question has been asked, have a Kewl Spoof AMM Trailer Vicbond is better than great and there you have it. :smiley: Enjoy your popcorn and veiwing pleasure.

Click The Nice Yellow link …

now !

Now with it being what? 1.5 months away, who thinks Neo bites it hard and goes belly up in the Recycle Bin?
Post up peeps.

I thought the last movie sucked hardcore.

Which was disappointing since the first movie rocked out hardcore.

I don’t know that I’ll even want to see this one. CGI: bleh.

Seriously, I’d rather watch The Rundown over a new Matrix film.

And why is that?

Because the last Matrix filmed sucked ass. Plus the Rundown has Mr. Walken in it.

ah I see then time reboot reformat and re install fresh yet again…

However much ass the second one sucked (I think not much), the first one sucked far, far more.

ANYWAYS ! The new movie is out when again Nov ??? I dunno kinda have mixed feeling with them finally ending this.

Who thinks? Neo is gonna Whump on Smith with a Case of Norton’s upon smith’s ass?

You know what? Your right, the first matrix film did suck, and I don’t care how many people tell me it was a brilliant action film, with religious beliefs, brilliantly woven into the plot.

Sucked / ruled wtf-ever All I care about is the story, so far I liked it The 2nd one did lack a lil but this 3rd installment is supose to be better and ties up all the loose ends.

[color=white](Refering to the third matrix movie)[/color]
[color=black]Why didn’t <strike>Goku</strike> <strike>Jesus</strike> Neo go SSJ :([/color]

[color=black](It would have been a better ending)[/color]

ha ha ha Dragon… :stuck_out_tongue:

Spirituality in movies kicks ass. Period.

That said, the Matrix left spirituality in favor of constant graphics and sound, like George Lucas did with SW.

Ohhh Pretty colors look at them all, oh wait that’s just a oversized bytemap of the planet. Nevermind just send it to The Recycle bin. :wink:

Still trying to figure that one out…

I haven’t seen either of the new Matrix films, but I know Trinity dies.


/me stabs Rav in the eye.