The Matrix Revolutions Trailer

Looks like there will be some fighting off the sentinels in the real world as well as more in-the-matrix fighting. I hope to see lots of destruction.

BTW Zeidrich, I heard they played this trailer right after the credits of Matrix Realoaded.

Trilogies=THE WIN.

Except for Scream, that was THE NEAR WIN.

Yes they did play the revolutions trailer after reloaded.

Since when? Was it at the very end of the credits? If it was, that’s a very stupid move. Most people only stay for about 2 minutes worth of credits.

It’s called ‘rewarding hardcore fans’. I always stay until the very end of awesome movies. They often have bonuses.

If Agent Smith is planning on fighting Neo one on one, he really needs to learn to fight better. I mean, Neo trashed about 50 Smiths with little difficulty, what’s one gonna do?

Possibly the same thing one did in the first movie, which is fight with skill rather than force of numbers.

Wow, am I reading this correctly? They’ve shown the trailer of Matrix: Revulotions right after Reloaded?

It all becomes even more disgusting than I could have ever dreamt it to be!

This is probably one of Hollywood’s best assembly-line productions ever!

Ever heard of marketing? They don’t give a shit about the “hardcore fans”. They want money. And since they want money, it would have been better for them to put it directly after, so more fans see it. Oh, and not a single “hardcore fan” stayed longer than 3-4 minutes for the credits at the showing I went to. And there were PLENTY of people who thought that the movie was the best movie ever (either meaning that they were stupid, or they were “hardcore”).

I stayed to watch the trailer.
It was definetly for the hardcore fans.
Was not for marketing.

I agree. Someone who hurries home is not very dedicated, and everyone knew there would be a third movie after how the second one ended, thus the trailer was both pointless and forgettable from a marketing standpoint.

Possibly the same thing one did in the first movie, which is fight with skill rather than force of numbers.

The problem is that Neo’s skills are expanding at an alarming rate, while Smith only seems to have gained a cool personality and the ability to copy himself. Heck, I think the ‘upgraded’ agents of Reloaded are probably stronger than him, if slightly dumber. But I’m sure he’ll probably start tapping into the same kind of powers as Neo, seeing as he’s the classic Stephen King ‘Oh you just gave your dark side shape and form without realizing it’ type of character, at least in part.

Of course, that’s just my interpretation.

Ok, I’m not going to argue about the trailer any more. Now you’re changing the topic to Neo’s skills. If he can fly (again, what the fuck?), how come he can’t transport?

You mean teleport? I think it’s because Neo is really stupid, therefore he STILL doesn’t realize he can do everything.

If its all about realization then why doesnt morpheus and trinity and everyone else for that matter just do whatever they want?

Hey yea like Neo and Trinity having Tiny Sex for all the “Die hard fans out there” ? (Smirks)