The Hulk

I just saw this movie today, it totally sucked story wise, the end got really weird. But the directing, cinematography, special effects, and acting were really good. Anyone else who has seen it wanna comment on it?

Yes that sums up what I think of it.

you thought the directing was cool?

it gave me that comic book feel with the camera tricks and everything.

Well I thought the director did a good job of making it feel like a comic book, whether I liked it or not, I still can’t tell.

It was awesome. I liked the soundless Gamma explosions, that was pretty cool.

Does he coin any of his phrases from the comics and cartoons?


he didn’t even speak once as the hulk, just sorta stared and breathed heavily.

also, when he’s fighting the tanks, one of the guys looks like that soldier who changed his name to Optimus Prime

The Hulk beat Optimus Prime?