The Battle Of The Ages!

It’s a three-way anything-goes match! Who wins?

I had to go by the process of elimination… Arby’s put out a hit on Trotsky involving Billy Joel with a flamethrower, while Kentucky Fried Chicken is an affront to the vastly superior Kremlin Fried Chicken. Thus, the obvious choice was Dave Thomas.

Also, I hate Oven Mitt.

I voted for the colonel, mainly because the other two don’t sell their glorious food stuffs in the UK.

Dave Thomas is more powerful than any living man. Sanders is just dead. And that other guy who isn’t Dave Thomas is probably alive, and thus less than Dave. And if he’s dead then he’s a corpse and Dave Thomas laughs at him.

Power Brother. Down with the Mitt!

The oven mitt would kill them all.

I knew dave. He knocked up my daughter at the prom.

Voted Leon McNichols.

but that’s not a choi

Do any of you know who Forrest Raffel is?

Leader! Leader has been defeated by the Dave.