The Banana Bread Is Done

For any of you who liked the X-COM series of games, or turn-based strategy games in general, check out the UFO: Alien Invasion site. So far they’ve got a technology demo released, which is actually very playable and shows off some of the great things that can be done with an engine as old as Quake 2’s.

Promises have been made of a second tech-demo with lots of new features, many of which can be sampled in the site’s “Media” section.

And on a similar note, if you like paying cash-money for your games, try out Laser Squad Nemesis as well…

I used to love the X-COM games. It brings back sweet memories of when computers weren’t good enough to do real time in, erhm… real time.

When I have access to a broadband connection again (February) I will download it and possibly play.

I used to play x-com all the time too!

Also I tried out the first tech-demo a while back when it was on a demo-dvd from pc-gamer, you guys are doing a great job!

Well just so you know, the second tech demo is coming out VERY SOON (sometime this March). They are gonna add lots of new features and maybe even one of my maps, if I’m lucky.