The Arnold Quiz

Arnold + Quiz == Fun.

You are The Terminator

Hasta la vista baby. You have truly terminated our quiz. Did you come back from the future to play it already knowing the answers? I get the feeling that even though you’ve done so well…you’ll be back to play again.

Oh, sad…

Like the majority of Arnie’s films, you are totally mediocre. We should throw you into a killer gameshow and have you hunted down by gladiators in camp outfits.

You’re the running man? Ouchies…

That was me also. But I’m going to Arnie’s alma mater, so I automatically win.

I like the new Barry Goldwater avatar. It’s about 1,000 times more sexy than your old one (shudder).

Also I’m Conan the Barbarian. I coulda swore he punched a bear in Conan. I really need to watch that movie again…

Yeah, I thought it was time for a change. I was trying to find a picture of this sweet “Goldwater for President” poster I saw once, but no go. YAF took an easy second place.