Termotherfuckingator 3

T3’s out in America this week.

We have to wait an extra month for it here in the UK. Though, if it’s am 18 chances are it’ll be less cut than the US release due to the fact our censors actually rock (Battle Royal is only truly uncut here).

Will you see it?

Will you steal the reels from the cinema for me?

I’m gonna watch it when it comes out here, I hope arnie has made another great movie, It would be a shame to see someone like arnie in a failure of the end terminator Trilogy.

Comes out tomorrow, right? I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow…

Playing Frozen Throne, if you have any taste at all.

Wait, I thought this was Kindergarten Cop 3. Terminator? Blizzard be damned!

Woah now, let’s not get carried away here. Kindergarden cop was a fine movie. I mean come on, it’s got lines like “I think it’s a tumor” “It’s nota toomah!”. Hehe… tumor…

And to think Arik OUR Arik designed the website for the movie…

I just saw T3 at a special showing the day before it opens and man, it’s a pretty good movie, a tiny bit short but the ending is really cool. This movie seems to take back what they said in the second movie “no fate but what we make” this movie totally believes in fate i’m not gunna give any more away but to say that the ending is not what i expected but it is really good, can’t wait for number four, they gotta start filming that soon man!

I have yet to see any part of the series whatsoever… Maybe Ratti can show me

I am going to see it in 2 hours! Excited = me.

I saw it! Ohhhhh man it was cool. After that I snuck into Charlie’s Angels 2 for about 15 minutes. After that, I sat in the very front row and craned my head upward to watch the Hulk. Not as cool, but the closeups of the Hulk looked pretty realistic, or about as realistic as a giant bundle of green muscle can look. I give both 2 thumbs up for explosions and big guys beating things up.

I must however penalize the Hulk slightly for one issue. There was only 1 (one) black guy in the whole film, and he was killed after maybe 30 seconds. I mean, if this film is catering to that kind of audience, wouldn’t they also want the Hulk to go down since he turns into a “colored” man?

… there was only one white guy in shaft…
i did not see shaft.

They compenstae this by having Saul Hudson’s new song on the soundtrack.

For those of you who don’t know Saul is a half black/half Jewish musician.

Ah, who cares. Black or white, those were just a bunch of extras. This is better than sticking in a ‘wacky black guy’ to deliver a ‘wacky black line’.

Kinda like in Charlie’s Angels 2…

This stereotype makes more sense if you’ve ever watched Not Another Teen Movie.

Like “Damn,” “Shit,” and “That is whack.”

Man, what kind of FUCKED up tour is this?

I remember us watching Shaft after we were done gaming at the LAN we had at brandon’s house.

What white guy is Christian Bale. He learnt a new word today…

oh the horror.

Erm, there is a site where you can upload your profile pic and have in overlaid with the T-800 or T-X. Just a Fyi, (trying to find the url again)