Tell all your teeny-bopper friends... I'm on to something

Because I rarely sleep these days, I’ve had plenty of time at night to become dillusional. In my daydreams, I am a Scottish pirate named Ian “Scurvy” McDermott, and I raid the coasts of Panama and Cuba for booty. But in my night-terrors, I get busy and start coding. What I’ve come up with is <a href=“”>this</a>. Let me give you the run-down:

<list><li>You ask a question and give me an avatar via email</li><li>I ask the question to the anamated corpses of past geniouses and/or pop-culture icons</li><li>I post their responses</li></list>

Make sense? In time, I’m hoping this will grow into something as big as <a href=“”>Ask Dr. Science</a> or <a href=“”>Conversa-Wang</a>, the two sites I blatantly ripped-off, but I have to start somewhere.

Let’s get 'em, gang! ;(

Now this is something to get excited about.

Not like those pussy olympic games…

If the Great Internet Think Tank was a building it would have a roof, which is 100% more roof than any of the Olympic buildings have, so yes.

Time to think of a good question.

Dude, MY name is Ian!