Tee hee, Ben Shapiro

There are roughly eight million reasons not to major in English, and this is the best we’ve got?

What the hell?

He thinks that Billy should major in math?

Also, since when is access to abortion a lesbian/gay issue? Actually, I don’t know of anyone who suggests limiting access to abortion for gays and lesbians. I’m all for it - bring on those abortion-wanting gay men. And all those lesbians with their accidental pregnancies. Must have been some accident . . . .

That kid’s pretty wacky.

He doesn’t want to learn about the gay culture, he just wants to destroy it.


Wow, he sure, uh, sure quoted the hell out of those quotes. And with such thought for what they actually meant, not just their words’ literal meanings!

That shouldn’t be a concern. I mean, sure they teach you to be gay, but it’s not like anything you learn in college sticks. Taking Math in college doesn’t mean you’ll comprehend basic algebra two years later. So what’s the worry?

I wonder if you can get a doctorate in Being Gay?

Well, obviously you can be a certified Cock-sucker, but that’s different isn’t it?

Yes, yes it is… I hear.

Also, doctor, we are agreed. Billy, if he ever wants chicks, should not major in math. Also, if he ever wants guys, he should not major in math. No one should major in math. cries

Billy should major in History. We’re total studs and the chicks love our hot cocks.

Just…just not the ones at U of M…or…or anywhere else…


I don’t know about that. I have a friend who’s hot for the maths. Unfortunately for Har Fabulous, this is a lady friend.

I salute thee, LPFab, for correctly using the phrase “TEE HEE” in the title. I’m sure Zach gets as much a kick out of it as I do.

Hey, I can go lady. Is she hot?

Phil, what are you talking about?

She is indeed. But she’s also around four or five years younger than you. That might raise what we here in Sconsinland call “problems”. And she’s already set her sights on one Daneel.

Wait wait wait… a YOUNG girl and you’re holding out on me? Bastard!

Young, EH?

My god, I’m getting more Canadian by the second. I’ll never get any <strike>underage</strike> cute chicks at this rate.

Not to mention I look 35 when I don’t shave.

Nonsense. The ladies love a little Canadian.

The 35 thing isn’t helping, though.

Hence the shaving. You’ve yet to see a picture of me without ‘The Beard’. I look quite different.

I’ve yet to see a picture of you.

Not that I’m complaining. You’d probably send me a picture of something I don’t want to see.

What about http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/Jamesakane/hotguyavatar.png ?


oh, that really is you?