I felt that the panel was appropriate for the book.

Post other Taylon sigtings!!!11!!!

European Society in Upheaval!

That is fantastic!

If I were still allowed in public, I’d do this. Maybe I still will!

This is definately a good idea.

Time to print out some frames and place them in random locations like we did with those Pokey posters.


Also possibly: AGREED

you got that right sanchez

so where are my taylons spotted.

I have no digital camera, 'cause otherwise there would be 42908 taylonspottings

I have no digital camera, we cannot afford them in Canada.

Also the cold summer weather would wreck them.

Not to mention the digital camera eating moose.

The plural is mice. :rolleyes:



the crehzy moose is loose in the hoose!

You just wait till I get my digital camera working, I have a giant pink hippo bin in my town centre just waiting to be the recipient of some hot Taylon-spotting activities.

On my way back from Nerd Central, we stopped at a mall that had a shop called Hippo Baked Goods, or some variant of Baked Goods, anyway. The important bit is Hippo.

I had a camera. I did not have a Taylon.

I was in Spain earlier today, and i spotted this, too bad the wave scared me away.