Taylon Script Contest 2

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It’s time, once again, for the great and mighty Taylon Script Contest! It is the contest where you, the fine viewer of Taylon, get to create a Taylon, and where I, the fine creator of Taylon, get to sit and not write Taylons. Everybody wins (except Leon)! Hooray!

The contest is simple: write a script for a Taylon, and if it’s one of the five best scripts, I will turn it into a Taylon (see Taylons 62-66 for last year’s winners).

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– Making sure the strip will look how you want it to look –<blockquote>Lettering: all Taylon dialogue is typed in lowercase, except for the El Donko font, which is all caps. If your dialogue looks like, “I am Taylon and I enjoy prunes,” it will be converted to lowercase.

Keep in mind punctuation never appears after the end of a line of dialogue (“i like carrots! would you like some carrots?” would turn into, simply, “i like carrots! would you like some carrots”). Ellipse marks (…) can go anywhere, though.

Typing your dialogue in all lowercase (“i can’t wait to meet this person”) will make the <a href=“romsus.com” target=_blank>normal-sized</a> font.

Typing your dialogue in all caps (“CRUD”) will make the <a href=“romsus.com” target=_blank>larger</a> font. If you want even larger text, just say so in the script.

Example scripts are <a href=“romsus.com” target=_blank>here</a>.

Easiest way to make sound effects: effect (<a href=“romsus.com” target=_blank>Example</a>)
</blockquote>– Rules, Limitations, Etc. –<blockquote>You can use any of the characters on <a href=“romsus.com” target=_blank>this</a> page, as well as any existing character that I forgot to list on that page. If you wish, you can create up to two new characters for the script (you can draw them and send them to me as a .bmp or .gif [no jpegs please], or I can draw them based on what I think they should look like).

Keep the strip under 40 frames. I’m too lazy to do any more than that. Of course, if it’s over 30 frames, it had better be damn funny.

You can only win once, but you can send in as many scripts as you want, so I’ll choose the best one out of all of them and that will count as your entry.

You can do whatever you want with the story: make it completely random or have the entire cast burst into flames. Anything goes, as long as it’s humorous.

All scripts must be received by the end of July 20th (that’s 20st if you’re Leon). The fifth place strip will appear on Monday, the fourth place strip on Tuesday, and so on. This means you have the remainder of this week and all next week to write and send in scripts (which doesn’t matter because you’re all going to put off writing anything until the 19th anyway).

Remember to title your script so I don’t have to drag one out of you later. Also, include your name as you want it to appear above your strip, provided your strip is selected as a winner.

You can send the script to my E-Mail (romsgih@hotmail.com) as a text file or some other document, or just paste the script into your message. If you’re one of those crazyfuck anti-electronic-mail people, then send the script in a private message or mail it to my house or something.

Any questions can be asked here.</blockquote>


I am done with the script except for the last panel. I will put this off until the 19th and then forget to enter, then I will send a virus to the winner through his e-mail.

You are the winner.

Hey an e-mailGAAAAH!

should we post them here or post a txt file?

Don’t post them here where people can see it. E-Mail or PM.

Edit: I have received Oblivion’s entry. It is good. It is lengthy.

I agree with this, but I request that the deadline be pushed back due to my awayness.

I thought you were coming back this Sunday?

Hurray. Can my new character even fit inside Taylon panels?

Ha ha, no.

It’s way too tall.

Then what will you do if I win?

You said “Feel free to alter both to suit your needs,” so I will shrink it down.


Gah. It will be hideous.


hey there is a new script entry

hey it is better than oblivions

Hey I have received your entry. Apparently there will be more, but later.

Also: the deadline may be pushed back due to technical reasons. Stay tuned.

Well, that script is complete (I don’t know if you mistinterpreted what I said). More scripts will be forthcoming is what I mean.


That’s four days left to send in an entry if you couldn’t figure it out.

I would send in more, but I am <strike>lazy</strike> confident.

I was going to send in a script, but then I remembered my religion forbids it.