Taylon-Mets & Grets


I guess you will just have to look forward to a new taylon comic now instead!

<strike>And achewood’s Beef versus Ray showdown!</strike>


Yes I’ve been looking forward to that for <strike>days</strike>months!


Hey guys how does giving taylon-meet another go sound? This time in July? Y/N


Sounds good to me.


Is this also a Canadia trip?


Same place as last time, Windsor. Like, 3 meters away from Detroit. Or 200000324148103538057035 feet for americans.


I think I missed the party. I am sad.


I don’t think there was a party, just lots of adulterous sex (between people who are not on this forum)


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Man, I know I’m late! Now what can I do with all this latex and ky? Oo;