Taylon-Mets & Grets

Or whatever better name you want to give it. ANYHOO, I decided that I was a smarty man and that I was qualified enough to organize a mini-convention of sorts for all the taylon fans out there to get together and sing, SING! However, unlike all my other stupid ideas, I actually got a lot of support from Trot, Roms and Gil, to name a few, so it appears that it will go down. SOoooooooo…


WHERE: Windsor Ontario, Canada. It’s really close to Detroit and not ignominously far from Quebec or most northern states, so it advantages a maximum of (important) people. Also, it’s a quiet town compared to Toronto, with many less racists. Hotel specifications will be made at a later stage of planning.

WHEN: Spring 2006. Probably near summertime, actually. It’s the end of school-ish, so most people have more free time, and Canada is not coated in 600000 feet of ice and snow at that time of year.

WHY: Because, meeting all the romshand posters would rule. Wouldn’t you like to touch the mighty TROT_TO_TROTSKY~!?

HOW LONG: A whole week-end. Friday night, saturday, sunday, or something close to that. Enough time to have a ball, not enough time to get sick of each other. It’s also pretty easy to free up that ammount of time, and if it were shorter, it wouldn’t be fair for the ones who need to drive/fly a long way to get there, only to spend less time hanging than they did on the road/screaming as the plane hits turbulence.

TRANSPORT: Oh no, sucka, you handle that yourself. If any people live in your area that you know are coming, I suggest carpooling. For all y’all scots, book plane tickets in advance!

AM I INVITED?: If you are a regular poster on these or Rom’s other forums, you’re very welcome. If you love Taylon and are friends with a poster on these or Rom’s other forums, you’re very welcome also. People who are not welcome: Wicks, Leon, Squall. This isn’t a personal attack, you over-reactive fucks, you just don’t get along well with any of us online, what makes you think real life would be any better?


WHAT WILL WE BE DOING ANYWAY: Playing video games, trading anecdotes, taking pictures, touring the city, drinkin’, poking Trot with sticks, sex, gorging on pizza, making fun of each other’s accents.

WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM ME: If you intend on coming, post your intent in this thread! I will need to book hotel rooms, and I need to know how many! If something comes up and you can no longer come, FUCKING TELL ME ASAP!!!

I HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS: Just post them here, fuckward.

Mr Self-Destruct

Not yet

I am interested but it depends when it is exactly.

Okay that’s one (1) person who is cautiously “in”. I will also add my name to the list, which will make two (2).

What list? The one in the first post, blindy.

I’m in.

Provided Trotsky is not. I have to see that faggot enough as it is.

I will go!

Elves are gay!

Except that I live in New Mexico now. Also New York, particularly during this time. But that’s school, and hence no.

I am sad for I can not come. :’(

At all, eh? Notice there is no set date right now, so if you tell me when your spring break or whatever is, maybe we can find a sane date.

Hey, isn’t cold up there in the cold white north? I hear it’s cold. Because if it’s cold I will not go because of the coldness. And I hate you, probably. And it’s far and I’m poor… Actually, that’s probably the only reason.

I don’t see why I wouldn’t go, except for the fact that I’m not a regular poster and therefore might get eaten by a certain fat gay orb.

I am in. Since that it’s your idea, then you are the one who will do the drifing.

This is going pretty okay, but the big 3 haven’t officially thrown their names in yet! What is the hold-up!?

It’s actually really disappointing.

I’m in, but nobody better touch me, because I’m not a faggot.


But yeah, I’ll be there, and I’ll even bring my girlfriend and her friend, AS LONG AS WE GO TO THAT AWESOME THAI PLACE AND THE CASINO! and then a bar


I hate you.

No, seriously. I hate you.

Put me down for a “cautious in” because I WANT TO RAPE YOU ALL.

Why not have this in Deathtown? We can all go to Royal Oak and get drunk and honk our car horns.

This event should be named something like <i>I Hate Taylon</i> or <i>Billy Joel Appreciationfest</i>, and we could yell at random people on the street and also shoot people.

After that we can start the drinkin’.

Then we go to the rave. Oh God the rave.

How about the Fest?

And we could do it in Detroit, but there’s nothing in Detroit worth doing, so no. Unless we all want to go to a Tigers game. That would be sweet.