Taylon guest strip

Submitting for great pleasure: Taylon Guest Comic - Plot and Story Line Development

I hope your eyes do not fall out.

oh no, my eyes have fallen out

but now I am fine


It’s good to see some new Taylon again…

even though it is not rom romsus.

i will romshand him up the back of th

all is well

and now we can make eye pudding. hooray!

the eye pudding is delicious

is it cannibalism if you eat your own body?




I like to dissect girls. Did you know I’m utterly insane? You’re a fucking ugly bitch. I wanna stab you to death, and play around with your blood.


stop calling me

my eyes didn’t fall out, but my foot did.

Out of what, exactly?

out of its socket.

You should not leave it plugged in for so long as it could overheat and set your leg on fire.

It says that somewhere in the manual, you know.

well it fell off so i gues… OMFG its on fire


So when can we expect a guest strip from Romsus?

when will you people realiZE THAT I DO NOT DO GUEST STRIPS I DO OFFICIAL STR<a href=“romsus.com” target=_blank>IPS I MEAN GEEZ</a>

the red sox won the world series, bush won reelection, gay marriage is now banned in michigan, alaska didn’t legalize marijuana, and now romsus has made new taylon