Taylon Chain Thing

I am going to start one of those comic chain things where I send one Taylon frame to one person, and that person makes a new Taylon frame that will follow the frame I send. That new frame will be sent to someone else, who will then make the next frame, and so on (I forget what this is actually called).

If you participate, you can draw your frame any way you want, using Paint or Photoshop or whatever. It can be detailed or it can be not-detailed, as long as it follows the frame you are given. You can also draw the characters any way you want, or you can just copy them from the character sheet I will provide soon (later).

The length of this strip will depend on how many people wish to participate. If you would like to participate then you must post in this thread GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO


Wait, I mean, “I will participate.”

Fuck you.


I assume Trotsky means ‘YES’.

Fuck you as well, then.

omg wtf y

trotsky is a fayghot. also, I will be a link in this chain.

Yeah, the weak link.



I like the participating as well.

RomsHand (11:21:39 PM): will you be participating in the taylon chain thing

pomajr217 (11:23:17 PM): the what

RomsHand (11:23:41 PM): http://forums.psx-dude.net/showthread.php?t=3896

pomajr217 (11:25:03 PM): im in bro

w3rd. i iz digz, jo.

I believe I will convince Ratburn to make one with me.

Count me in.

I call <strike>shotgun</strike> the last panel.

Wait, no. Anything but that.

This comic will be unholy.

And you should probably just count Zach in.

You know once the strip gets to either Zach or I, we’re going to send it between each other for at least 5 years (or until one of us gets a contract from Lucas to make the next Star Wars film).

I will send out the first strip to a random person on Monday, most likely using a private message. If anyone else wants to join in the foolery, then they should do so before then.

And now for a random statement:


I knew a man by that very name…

I left him bleeding in a crowded Calcutta market.

Mr. Self-Destruct has stated he wants to join in. But you people will throw cabbages at him.