Stay Informed: Rh Site Update Chart


I will finance this movie using five dollars of Arby’s.


Progress is progressing on this glorious movie.
If you do not have Warcraft III and Frozen Throne, not only are you a fool, but you will also never see the movie.


I would see that movie tens of hundreds of times. I suggest you begin production.


I have decided to demonstrate to one and all that I sound even gayer than Trot. There may be voices, if I can just sound a little less

Yes, all voices will be me. They will all sound alike. YOU WILL LOVE THE VOICES.


On second thought, scratch that. I sound far, far too gay. Scratch that, also. Gay people sound just like other people, while I sound… fruity in the extreme. Fruity like the apples I sound like I have stuck in my mouth.






Pip, if you could record you saying all of these lines and then send them to me, the movie will be 500,000,000 times more better.


more… more better…

uh also why would I be saying every character. should I have different voices for each character?


If you like. Of course, if other people want to voice it makes it easier for Pip because then people can divide the voices among themselves.
Who else wants to voice?


Ya’ll peeps be buggin.

I updated the site.

The one at:

That site.


I got a better one: that Jesus dude stole all our reforming ideas. Jesus’s ideas were good and all, but they also happened to be very nearly the same ideas as practically every other Jewish ethicist was proposing at the time.


<a href=“” target=_blank>I have updated the site</a>.

Wait, is my name Trot_to_Trotsky? I don’t remember.


This just in… Senor Poma has apparently also randomly smashed things on the keyboard which may or may not appear on the website sometime tomorrow.




pomajr217 (12:17:51 AM): im gonna hit up some gamecube
pomajr217 (12:17:55 AM): perhaps ill talk to you tomorrow
RomsHand (12:17:57 AM):
pomajr217 (12:18:51 AM): well… i suck
RomsHand (12:19:04 AM): you could do that instead
pomajr217 (12:19:11 AM): meh
pomajr217 (12:19:37 AM): ill have it up by tomorrow
pomajr217 (12:19:44 AM): if not ill buy you some wendys
RomsHand (12:19:47 AM): YES

I vote no update.


I vote you give the Wendy’s to me. It is an act of piracy!


Gil’s update confuses me.

It says nothing about where my Wendy’s is.


I told you I ate your wendys.


Then you get no <a href=“” target=_blank>new Taylon</a>.

Had you delivered my Wendy’s, the new Taylon would have been Taylon 183: “Cash Cow”