Stay Informed: Rh Site Update Chart

This thread will be used to inform the masses when the RomsHand site updates from time to time.

This way, you kids can be the first on your block to read the hilariously un-funny shit I write on an irrational basis, or to play the completely Japanese games Roms reviews.


Originally posted by Trot_to_Trotsky
from time to time.
Whoa, slow down there…we don’t update <i>that</i> often…

Roms has a website???

I would just like to report that my game has been released.

That is all.

Originally posted by Mr. Tommissario
[B]I would just like to report that my game has been released.

That is all. [/B]

Mirrored at

Just in case you can’t see the RomsHand version, and special thanks to anotherone (even though he doesn’t visit this here forum). A true class act. == purchased. Hooray!

Jon, Roms, and Myself shall be writing for this fabulous site, so everyone get ready for serious RomsHand madness! won’t be up for a couple days, for whatever reason.

I would just like to report that the ftp actually works now, Mr. Trotsky. All the files have been uploaded.

And the URL of works as well.

Make something on the geocities site that redirects people to or goatse or something…

Well, <a href=“”></a> is back up.

Now go read the <a href=“”>Amagon</a> review.


It’s not like anyone visits your page anyway, you homosexuals. Maybe you should consider changing your page title from “Gay Aural Nut-Busters” to something along the lines of “Kill All the Fucking Babies and Rape Their Corpses.” That would increase traffic at least ten-fold, if not eleven-fold.

Hmm…if we made switched the raped corpses to NUDE NUDE CAMBODIAN FETUSES, then at least Dave’s dad would show up.

Oh, and Roms, upload the handicap version of MT for Zach.

<a href=“”>Taylon</a>.

Leave my Dad out of this, or I shall tell him the war has been restarted and the enemy is housed at 34459 Kingsway Ct.


More <a href=“” target=_blank>Taylon</a> comics.

I’m on a roll with these things…

If you have not seen it yet, read Mr. Trotsky’s article about our great new leader.

Also, there is a new Taylon comic up, which features an incredibly crappy drawing of a small child.

<a href=“” target=_blank>Gooo! Get to the site!!</a>

<img src=“”>

Taylon 12-14 uploaded.

I wonder if the miniture giant robot is based on me, in which case I demand likeness rights. A fifth of cheap vodka shall do.