Starcraft II

Anyone else see the HD Protoss demo and lick their lips like you were staring at a juicy steak? Or perhaps just say “yay, new starctaft!” ?

I’m playing through the first one to get a feel for it again. My current favorite Terran tactic is 2 or 3 groups (of 12 each) of just marines with upgraded to level 3 armor and weapons. Concentrated fire with lots of micromanaging can take out tanks and anything else in a flash. Once weakened, I send in the ghosts for a nuke or two and clean up the mess. I tried sending in the heavy duty units, but they just get wiped out so fast and they’re so slow to make. Why do Terran vehicles suck? I’m not even at the single player story mode for my favorites yet, the Protoss. My life for Auir!

Ack nukes are so annoying, my friend likes going terran too.

Anyhoo I saw the trailer and I’m really looking forward to it also!

I like going protoss, I’m not the best but I like building lots of cannons, I start off with whole group of zealots, then Dragoons, then spam carriers and occasionly build some dark templars too.

Massed carriers with upgraded bays rock (With a couple of [FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Observer’s hanging about just in case)[/SIZE][/FONT].

Because they’re not all battlecruisers. Nothing can stop a group of battlecruisers.

Actually there is something that can stop battle cruisers. Battle cruisers with Yamato cannons. Just got to watch out for the stupid ghosts with their “put your cool thing in a giant electrical ball for way too long and then kill them slowly because you only invested in battle cruisers you stupid idiot, I mean you could have used some ground troops as a backup or something” ability…

Generally by the time you have the capacity to build a group of battlecruisers (I generally go with four starports before I even start), you can deal with a few of them getting locked down. Besides, if you send a science vessel with them, no ghost is ever going to get the chance.

I’ve been working on the last Terran map where you disable the planetary cannon to escape, and the special guard builds like a dozen ghosts at a time for the sole purpose of disabling large units. I’m thinking about using two or three science vessels with EMP abilities to disable the ghosts, thus enabling my battle cruisers to wipe up the buildings and units. I’ll have a few groups of marines to take on the ground troops while I wipe out their ability to make new units. I’ve had to redo this map like 5 or 6 times, so I have the tactics in my head all day at work. Seriously, battle cruisers are the only thing that Terrans have going for them as far as offensive capabilities. I played way for Warcraft than I did Starcraft, so I’m still figuring out what the best combos are.

Hmm… building absolutely nothing but base buildings, battleships and science vessels led to a decicive victory, one what was not accomplished with any other terran unit. I am… not surprised?

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