That’s one fat, dead snake. Almost as big as my trouser snake.


Yowza, was that guy taking a nap or something when the snake came and ate 'em?

That’s just God saying zing to humanity again.

Thanks God. Oh, and besides giant man-eating snakes, thanks for poisonous spiders and…oh yeah, CANCER.

Don’t forget God’s plague on gay people: homophobes.

Don’t forget Camel Spiders. I know spiders were already mentionned, but they’re in a league of their own.

Hey, once my cousin was at a spider exposition and she saw one of those huge bird-eating spiders. She thought it was fake because of it not moving and being huge, so she got real close to it. It got up on its hind legs and hissed at her.

I refuse to believe she has slept since.

I’m not sure how she’s still alive. I would have had 50 simultaneous heart attacks.

I’m still stunned by the victory of a huge spider rearing up on its hind legs and hissing. That sounds like about the greatest thing ever to see.

Unless it is not televised, then

50 simultaneous heart attacks.

You forgot to post a pic of your trouser snake Rav.
May cause more heart attacks.

:thumbs up

:thumbs up

In my experience, God’s plague on gay people is other gay people.

plague being literal?

Hooray for athiesm!

Detritus! How is life at <strike>Hogwarts</strike> West?




Don’t you mean “the HIV?”