Spirited Away

Its looks good…and it came out yesterday…Has anyone seen it yet?..Is it worth buying?..Insight would be good :slight_smile:

Yes. its quite rather. saw it here 3 wks ago. I’m going to buy for myself if not for my kids. Its NOT your avergae Totoro/KiKi’s Delivery. Rather its more based of old myths and lengends and a twist off a old story. The overall preformance of the dubbing was excellent, well worth the 31+Tax $ of seeing with my family . I do highly recommend this DVD 2 disk set to everyone.

Getting it this weekend…This evil cold…flu whatever it is has me down and out…I have missed this week already…and my mother is not about to let me go anywhere, stupid SARS…it not like I am going to get it anyways…but my immune system is down so I am at risk :(…oh well I will just make my dad pick it up for me…he will come threw, he always does :slight_smile:

Well I recomm, chicken soup, and TONS of Warm showers and Naps. you should be able to get back to normalcy in 2 days …

The animation is excellent and the story is freaky and wrong in a very Japanese way. So it’s everything anime needs to be. I have no idea if it’s worth the purchase, though, since the one time I saw it there was no such thing as English, so I can’t say how the acting is.
I do see on the box there’s something about “Japanese language track”. I recommend this.

Good stuff…well I hope its worth it :slight_smile:

Originally posted by KBV
The animation is excellent and the story is freaky and wrong in a very Japanese way.
Hoe was it wrong? I saw mythology and ancient asian legends with a kick ass story.

ummm there is an umm interesting typo there

I saw people turn into pigs, then turn back and do a line dance, with a kick ass story.

no typo and the pig part of it relates with Ygbya.

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Like I said Legends and Myths. You can look at it as a possible Lit Arts Movie with what it relates with eh?

I like stories LOT’s…so I am sure I will enjoy this :slight_smile:

Indeed, but like I said its not your average totoro either .

ah i c

The part that’s wrong about it is the fact that the rat turns into a fat, ugly baby.

The 3 are…Kiki’s dilivery service,Spirited Away…and Castle in the sky…I want them all :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve broken one: Don’t type in all caps.

Well someone isn’t advertising ;)…nice to meet you…glad you enjoyed it…What aspects pray tell of it did you find most intriguing? :slight_smile:

Originally posted by KBV
I can’t say how the acting is.

Actually… it was pretty impressive Vas. But you also have to realize that these are professional Disney voice actors and not just some fans who think they pwn at voice acting.