Sold my soul!

I offical sold my soul, today i finished training and started my job as a telamarketer (which i hate telamarketers so its great!) and my job is to ask people to take a survay which is basicly anti-kerry in its wording… I’m anti-bush (some what pro-kerry, but defintly anti-bush) So I’m selling my self out (Whoring) to this telacommunications company… WTF AM I DOING! !!! arg… questions? Comments? any body?.. brain… hurts… why god why!!!

you gotta gets the monays for the laydays, one way or another…

I suggest another.

Monays for the laydays is very good, but I like money too. So you should work to get monay sfor the me-days.

OK vote Green everybody peace.

Jeez, don’t you read the news? Stein/Kimmel!

Fuck that John Stewert/Conen Obriane

Midri has the winning ticket right there.

I don’t know if I could handle the sheer awesomeness of a Stewart/O’Brien party.



I think they would kick ass.