We have Saddam.

What will happen next?

We will catch Osama Bin Crapen?

We have what with the who? Where? When?

He looks funny.

I like how brutal dictators spend their last days. In a hole.

Hopefully this stops all the insurrection craziness in Iraq, but something’s telling me he wasn’t exactly masterminding anything…from his hole.

I hope the administration doesn’t use this as an excuse to leave Iraq.

Oh, they will.

They invited the iraqi insurgeants to come with arms open and drop their weapons <strike>so the american soldiers can shoot them</strike>, who here thinks they will actually do it?

Some. Even if capturing Saddam doesn’t fix everything, it does make it harder for militants. If they finally manage to <strike>survive until the administration decides the oil is safe enough and leaves</strike> chase the Americans out, where there was a clear leader before (Putin) there’s now a big question mark with maybe some high-ranking Republicans (Iraqis, not our guys) sitting there with grins on their faces. Before they would have grinned at Saddam, but now they’ll be grinning and winking and shooting at each other, and maybe one or two will be alive at the end.

So it’s pretty iffy for the boss militants now whether they’ll get to be the big man (or a living man) if they even wind up winning, but if they run to the Americans they might get cushy positions where they can abuse others while Big Bush nods solemnly over them with his brow creased in intense Really Big Thought.

It matters not, because in the eyes of the Iraqis, US forces leaving == victory… so they will claim they won no matter what.

Because the Iraqis are all dumb. Stupid dumb. Like a wooden knob.

Hmm… am I the only one thinking that the capture of Saddam will change absolutely nothing?

With the amount of loyalists out there, no.

…Aside from everyone in Texas liking Bush even more.

I think it changed Khadaffi’s mind. I imagine that he was always hoping to fall back on the: “if they come for me, I’ll just live in a hole” strategy.

Fuck you, Libya.

Haha, Libya is funny because they’re on the bad continent.

And their nuke trucks in the Red Alert expansion are fucking evil.