So it seems it is a certain KBV's Birthday

I hope you are have a good one and get lots of delcious birthday goods.

Here is a picture of some japanese COSPLAY for everyone else:

I want to have an inappropriate relationship with Ronald McDonald, while the Hamburglar watches.

Happy birthday. Now you can purchase beer. Say goodbye to any and all plans you had for your future.

I have a plan to counter that! be so poor that YOU CAN’T BUY BEER! Or buy a Canadian beer and get 50 times the alcohol for half the price!

That’s sooo me. Your plan worked on the wrong person!

Didn’t this happen last year?

De ja fucking vu!

KBV is dead, guys.

I got dibs on his stuff.

OK, but I get to eat his corpse.

The SuperBeastBird offers you a cake for happy time birthday celebration lots!

<img src=“”>


<img src=“”>

You foolish bird!


Friend, you have yourself a DEAL!