So... I live in the ghetto

I went for a walk tonight for various reasons. One of them being I had the munchies and no close stores are open this late. Another being some frustration that needed to be worked off. So when I was about 5-6 blocks from my home, I heard 6 gunshots followed by screams and a few calls of “help, police!” not 20 feet away in the adjacent street. I was going to call the police on my cell phone, but I saw about 3 other people doing just that on the other side of the street I was on. So, since that was being taken care of and the fact that there was a crazy guy with a gun on the lose, I started walking home again. As I walked, a police car drove up with no headlights or siren on and asked if I heard gunshots. I pointed him in the right direction and he drove off. So… I feel mildly sick about this now. Your thoughts?

Um… move to Canada?


My suggestion would be to have a supply of tortilla chips and salsa in house at all times.

This way you don’t have to go wandering out into the wilds of southern California…where the guns outnumber people.

Chem what part of “S.D.” are you in again? I thought is was near La Mesa… by grossmont college. Did you move?

I live in downtown El Cajon. I’m pretty sure I was close to getting mugged too, but fortunately the gunshots distracted the guy…

Trot, I think you’re onto something there…

Get a gun. It’s your right to own a gun.

Wjhy don’t you own a gun? Ben Hur’ll be truning in his grave if he knew a young American girl was walking around gunless.

Right and have El Cajon PD the right to take potshots @ Chem? What a great Idea Rav. Are you by The Civic Center Chem? or up more towards The Trolley Center …
See guys I’m -from- 5/7 Miles away from El Cajon and even back then when I lived there it was Dangerous.

[SIZE=1]forgot a j in cajon :P[/SIZE]

Plus if ChemBot doesn’t have a gun, English pricks like you can just sail over here any ol’ time you please and start pushing us around.


I do have a wide selection of knives… I really have no intention of buying a gun though, I’m not interested in getting one at all. Maybe a BB gun…

the use of deadly force can be applied in self-defense, i’ve asked a marine.

it can also be applied if you steal government property, like a rake or a pen.

How about a Spud gun ?

Or a BB gun?

Wait… oh.

I was joking. I pity the fool who doesn’t know I was joking. As Chembot would say “I ain’t getting no gun, Hannibal!”

I say a pox to you, A POX!

The British are attacking! Quickly, nuke the island!
I don’t want a single limey alive the next time God brings the sun 'round to shine on our beautiful, benevolent America.

God’s an English word, it’s safe to assume that God is therefore English and lives in England.

You better start preying to Allah, buddy.

Mayn Gott! Mir veln hargenen ir, mit bombes nuklyarish!
(“We love you very much, British persons! Please stay in Britain so we can send you a gift!”)

No. I shall move to America, to better watch over your terrorist like populous.



SHOCK :jawdrop: .

what is that smiley doing there

The backstroke.

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Not The McMorphues LOL Smiley ! Run Away Run Away.