So! Computering Question!?! Maybe Have!

Am I ready for this new area? Yeah!

So I need a sound program. Allow me to specify; I need a program that can modify wav files in many interesting manners, that can be downloaded for zero dollars over internets. My computer runs on Windows XP. So let’s hear it, nerds! can turn wav files into mp3 files and it has a crazy amount of options for changing the quality of the sound (It is also very easy to use for ripping music CD’s (I got suggested this by Smee when I asked him what he thought a good program is to rip music cds was a week or so back)).

But if you are wanting a program to distort sound and other funky stuff, I have no idea (But hopefully someone else does if thats what you want!).


Yeah I’m mostly looking for the second thing. But thanks anyway.

Bury my shell at wounded knee!

You can download the tryout version of Adobe Audition (formerly known as Cool Edit Pro) right here:

Download Windows version - 47.6MB
Download Windows version - 47.6MB
Download Windows version - 47.6MB
Download Windows version - 47.6MB

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Thanks but no thanks. My computer is already slow enough as it is.



huh? what’s wrong with it? it’s a great program

47.6 megs is a lot of megs, man. My computer is only an 800 megahertz dinosaur, and I don’t think it has more than 10 gigs. I’m not sure I want a program of that size on it.

what? 47.6 megs is big? is this post being transmitted to 1996? this is a wav (well, many audio formats) editor with advanced effects and editing capabilities. I don’t think you’re going to get much better than this. if you’re worried about slowing your computer down with it, I’d suggest editing the audio on a better computer, regardless of the program you use.

I hear fruity loops and propellerhead’s Reason are also pretty good as far as commercial programs go.

What do you mean by interesting manners? Echo effects? Fades? Volume Changes? Things like that? Or: Mixing 3 or more simple waves to make a unique sound?

For the first, if you have nero, nero wave editor does basic things like that.

I’m pretty sure that program would run on my 733 so I think you’re fine. I think you can spare 1/5 of a gigabyte.

So I downloaded it, but it lacks certain abilities I expected, such as the ability to slow down part of the sound to make my voice sound like James Earl Jones’s’s. All it can do is drastically slow down the whole file to make my voice sound like a satan-possessed Jabba the Hutt.

uh, sure you can. go to Edit View, select the part of the file you want to modify, then go to Effects > Time/Pitch > Stretch. then select Pitch Shift and change it to how you’d like it.

Give that a shot. Hooray open source!

I don’t know what you really want to do, but I suggest you do it in that.

It’s free and you can have cool midi drums.