So... Another Linux Distro Thread

Since we dont’ have any major Linux users, here, it’s rather useless, BUT…

Red Hat is dead now, and Mandrake is dying with 9.2.

So which is best now, and why?

I’ve decided I’m probably going to switch distros (again) when 2.6.0 comes out.

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you fail to answer the question


I vote debian. apt-get = awesome-tastic

If you can’t handle slackware, why aren’t you joining me on the dark (read: lickable) side?

When did I ever say I can’t handle slackware? And since when do you know about slackware? And since when do you care about slackware?

Anyway I cannot lick because I am poor.

The only caveat I don’t like about Debian is because it is so slow to upgrade. While this is great for stability, it’s terrible for people who want to stay on top of things (read: want to move to 2.6.0 before sometime in the year 2005)

Was I talking to you? Was it unclear that this was a general statement? Fine:

If one cannot handle slackware, why isn’t one joining me on the dark (read: lickable) side?

I suggest you use slackware, it’s stable and customizable.

You are also forgetting Red Hat’s fedora project.

I restate my question Vaska: Since when do you know what Slackware is?

Also, is Slackware easy enough for a desktop machine? Because that is, after all, what this is. And theoretically fedora counts, but Fedora stillhasn’t released it’s first release (which it was supposed to do tocay, BTW) and it still likes favoring GNOME over KDE.

What, I’m not allowed to know about the super-secret Linux cabal conspiracy secrets?

Also, those bastards at RedHat stole my computer’s name! They must pay royalties directly to my computer, which will eat the royalties and grow big and strong.

Well, I think I’m going to go with Gentoo. Yes, it’s a source distribution, so that has its cons (slow install to get everything to compile), but it has its pros too (it’s compiled specifically for your computer, and it’s easier to upgrade everything since you can run a simple command to keep everything on your computer up-to-date. The boasting goes that noone needed Gentoo 1.4 because all the users already had upgraded to the right software…)

While apt-get is also good on this point, it’s not necessarily as up-to-date (though certainly stable).

I do believe slackware is a good desktop oriented OS, i used it for quite some time, until i decided I wanted to play computer games and use photoshop. there are some programs that can automatically check for upgraded software in slackware (i don’t know of any off hand) but it’s limited to the bare necessities of an operating system like all slackware packages.

Redhat had it going too, with it’s little automatic updating tool, i enjoyed it… in any event, tell us (and me) of your progresss with gentoo, i’ve heard some of my friends considering an insteall of it and i’d like to know the experience you’re going to have with it.

Wait, how is Redhat dying?

  1. On Monday, Red Hat announced that they were no longer going to support Red Hat Linux prior to 8, and by next April, they will no longer support/update Red Hat 9. This is because they are switching entirely to the enterprise version of Linux (essentially because that’s all they make money on).

Now while they spun off consumer Red Hat into the Fedora Project,

  1. Just yesterday, a Red Hat exec decided to stick a knife in the back of other Linux distros by stating that Linux was not ready for the desktop (true), and that users should stay with/move to Windows (blasphemy).

Ok, Redhat fedora release 1 has come out.

And… why is it so hard to print in linux? if it were easiere, like adding printers and using them in windows is, 432 people would switch to linux.

Gee wtf ever happened to “Lindows” ?

It’s proprietary, costs money, and isn’t really designed for power users.

Oh, and it’s proprietary.

Ok, Pip. What Distro are you gonna use ?

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