*sniffs* Is that mold I smell?

Wow…it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Last few times I tried the website wouldn’t load. Now…this does bring back some memories.

Yes, it has. The website has been on the fritz lately, Pip and I moved our sites to the same server on a VPS (on linode.com) and we keep running into memory issues. But its good to have you back, the member population has been whithering for a while.

It sure has.

Who the hell is weasel?

That smell, that’s just the smell of Vaska going away and leaving his chinese food in the corner instead of throwing it away. Come on man; clean up before you go, will ya?

I was gonna eat it later. It was totally still good.

Its still there if you’re up for it.

It’s mould. MOULD.


Once upon a time, this forum was the home to another forum for a Half-Life modification, which I was a team member for. The mod was a failure, but I still stuck around after it died. I’ve seen this forum go through hell and back (at least 8 times…probably more, I still don’t understand how Leon managed to stay unbanned for such a long time), and I tihnk I vaguely remember you coming to the boards.

Aside from that, this stunning young man is in college right now, which means, yes, beer! Hooray! Oh, yeah, I also study myself stupid (well, not really), and can’t wait to get through some of the required courses so that I can take some better engineering course (engineering rocks). By the way, that Chinese food was mine until Vaska decided he wanted to take it and put it on his counter. Then he had the nerve to tell me that Romsus took it! Blasphemy!

I work at a gas station!

Hooray Weasel is back!

Always showing off!!!

People need gas for their cars, so you’re the gatekeeper to gasoline!

Protecting and supplying one of the most desirible limited earth resources.

and perhaps drinks and food.

Oui, but I am still around and I am still strong, but what of you? leaving for six years not to return leaving the hovel to start to decay and fall into disarray. What of your excuse ye heathen?

That and that _DrAgOn had a bad burrito as well. :wink: