I want to replace all the smilies that have that white crap around them ( see: ) with ones that don’t, and I want to use pngs, so if anyone comes across any free smilies in png format, about that size, let me know where i can get them and i’ll replace the bad ones.

These suck:

Well, I replaced them with pngs, if you don’t run a good browser like firefox they’ll look like crap (usually), so switch to one (I think opera and netscape are heavenly too, internet explorer is the devil).



as compared to:

yes Opera is the Best…i think im right

Imran Hashmi

as compared to:

You can not see the question marks clearly.

Firefox is really, really bad.


Those smilies are something all right, though.

The whole thing looks smaller. =/

yes. :all:

I can’t see this “white” you’re talking about because I’m using a different forum skin. Everyone use the same forum skin as I am using.

And also die.


Man I had forgotton all about that awesome theme.

Anyway for some reason which I’m not at all sure of Leon IM’ed me out of the blue to tell me:

Leon: (Link: Tell Chris if he wants png Smilies -That- bad that link will give him some decent looking ones.
Leon: psx rather

I was going to say something but he then logged off as soon as he had finished (I have no idea why he still reads the forums but even more bizzarely he also e-mails replies to things I post here too (Even though I’ve never replyed apart from theone time to say something along the lines of “Leon, why are you e-mailing me this you’re not even a member anymore.” which he didn’t even respond to (But he did sent me a couple more e-mails replying to my posts here) does he do that to anyone else, its kinda weird).

I had a look but apparently I need to be a member to download the smilies so I don’t know if this is what you are looking for or not but it might be.

I dont get any emails. Only from Adult Friend Finder. Not from Leon.

I can only imagine what kind of horrors you get sent from there!

Big Boobied Betsy frae ra toon 'n’tha

Lookin fur a man wi a big wullie ‘n’ lodsa money fur tae buy me buckie ‘n’ tracksuits.
Like tae walk in ra park an’ throw stuff at ra peecocks n squirrels ‘n’ stuff, luver o’ vintage wines - me fave is likes a month old buckie i bin keepin fur special like.
geez a buzz fur some doggin’

Wow, that was strange. Strangers.



I like Firefox…

FireFox is great apart from the fact it eats up memory like a fat kid eats candies.

That’s cuz its filling your computer with uber 1337 bits of memory!

I spammed, :frowning: